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Glendronach 20yo 1995/2015 Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon For Shinanoya #4029


Abv: 55.2%

Volume: 70 cl

Shinanoya, this name should be familiar with any whisky lover who have already travel to Tokyo before. As one of the largest liquor store in Tokyo, everyone should be very clear about its high quality for her privite bottles.

This bottle is the third Glendronach bottled by Shinanoya fot the series "FOR SHINANOYA". For the privious 2 private bottles, the Glendronach 1972 won 92 marks from ""; and the Glendronach 1993 received a lot of feedback at the 2015 "Autumn Exhibition". Shinanoya choose PX sherry as the cask type for this bottle, as she believes that due to the difference in the original sherry type, it is finished in a taste with an elegant sweetness that contrasts with Ororoso sherry cask, therefore PX sherry can provide a coveted taste for her fans.

As this bottle is Japan exclusive and only 679 bottles were produced, it’s a rare and collectable whisky that is a must have for any fan of Glendronach.

Nose: Prunes, sloe berries, plums, orange, rasin, sweet scents, beeswax, tobacco and chocolate. Also there are cigar box scents from the back.

Palate: Punchy, smooth and rich sweetness, raisins, figs, dark chocolate, demerara sugar, dates, and a slightly natty and creamy taste. Licorice, tobacco, chocolate, pepper and cinnamon in the end.

Finish: Long. Ginger and black pepper at first. Cappuccino, red fruit, clove and cinnamon follow elegantly.




格蘭多納 20年 1995/2015 PX雪利桶 信濃屋 #4029

容量:70 cl

信濃屋 (Shinanoya),只要是去過東京的威士忌愛好者都應該很熟悉這個名字。 作為東京最大的酒類零售商之一,其私人裝瓶的品質之高大家應該非常清楚。

這支信濃屋裝瓶的格蘭多納是其"FOR SHINANOYA”系列中第三瓶私人裝瓶的格蘭多納。 對於前兩次的私人裝瓶,其中格蘭多納1972從“”中獲得92分; 而格蘭多納1993在2015年日本的“秋の展示会”上收到了很多不錯的反饋。這次信濃屋選擇PX雪利桶,是因為她認為以PX雪利桶釀製的威士忌口感帶有與Ororoso雪利酒桶不同的優雅甜味,因此PX雪利酒可以提供令人垂涎的滋味。



口感:豐滿、光滑而豐富的甜味,帶有葡萄乾、無花果、黑巧克力、德梅拉拉糖、棗、堅果和奶油的味道。 最後是甘草、煙草、巧克力、胡椒和肉桂。


Glendronach 20yo 1995/2015 PX Sherry Puncheon For Shinanoya #4029