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Koloro Mod APK

Fake GPS mod apk is a freeware app that locks-out your real location and displays fake locations on the screen of your phone to mislead the police or any other tracking company. The app has been designed to simulate a GPS signal being broadcast from your phone to a tracking device. Fake GPS joystick mod apk is a simulation game that gives you an opportunity to drive the vehicle without help of real GPS. The phone will indicate fake GPS messages, it's easy to change your position by changing your desired place in the map and start driving.

Fake GPS mod is a fantastic GPS spoofing tool to fake GPS coordinates and routes on your device. You can install Fake GPS application on your phone so that it’ll turn off your real built-in GPS, which will make you to take many wrong turns in a map. Thus, when you have accidentally entered a wrong address in the search bar for directions to your destination, the app will help you with its updated geotag information to find the place faster and easier than ever.