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It's the second batch of Chaos single malt Scotch whisky from North Star Spirits. This particular edition was made with whisky from the Caol Ila Distillery on Islay, and drawn from a combination of Oloroso sherry butts and a refill hogshead cask. 1,400 bottles were produced.


Nose: Toasted cedar, praline, salt and pepper crisps.


Palate: Nutmeg, more sea salt, a whisper of citrus and caramel.


Finish: Surprisingly buttery on the finish, though still rich in peat.




這是 North Star Spirits 的第二批 Chaos 單一麥芽蘇格蘭威士忌。 這個特別版是用艾萊島 Caol Ila 釀酒廠的威士忌製成的,並從 Oloroso 雪利酒桶和再裝豬頭桶的組合中提取。 生產了 1,400 瓶。






完成: 討喜的牛油感,並帶有豐富泥炭。

Chaos 2010/2020 North Star Spirits Batch #2